Cristina Peraire,

2 April 2019

I have studied and taught languages for a few years now and I think Alingua has the best methodology to engage students with the challenge of learning a new language and culture. Karin’s lessons are very resourceful and dynamic, from grammar explanations to singalong activities, she always ensures the fulfilling progress of all the students. After eight months learning Dutch twice a week, I have not only acquired a solid foundation in Dutch language and culture, but I am also more confident in communicating and taking part in my new life in North Holland. Thanks Karin!

Daniel Wood,

29 March 2019

I came to Holland mid 2018 with virtually no understanding of Dutch apart from some time spent with language apps. The classes I attend twice per week have been at a perfect pace, enjoyable and exceptionally informative. It’s helped me develop my language skills, understand Dutch culture and be confident to engage in conversations outside of class. I have recommended Alingua to others as it has helped me greatly, thank you to Alingua for your support. I look forward to future learning with you.

Francesco Vannini,

29 March 2019

I got to the Netherlands without any prior knowledge of Dutch. A few months later I was attending Alingua classes. Learning with Alingua is seriously fun (pun intended) and enabled me to fairly quickly get to grasp with a language that was very alien to me before.

Other less traditional methodologies I had previously tried weren’t as good as actually being in a class with a teacher and other students. This allowed me to be able to practice and get the right support every step of the way and has certainly been one of the most important aspects of attending these lessons.
It goes without saying that I’m highly recommending Alingua.