Cristina Peraire,

2 april 2019

I have studied and taught languages for a few years now and I think Alingua has the best methodology to engage students with the challenge of learning a new language and culture. Karin’s lessons are very resourceful and dynamic, from grammar explanations to singalong activities, she always ensures the fulfilling progress of all the students. After eight months learning Dutch twice a week, I have not only acquired a solid foundation in Dutch language and culture, but I am also more confident in communicating and taking part in my new life in North Holland. Thanks Karin!

Daniel Wood,

29 maart 2019

I came to Holland mid 2018 with virtually no understanding of Dutch apart from some time spent with language apps. The classes I attend twice per week have been at a perfect pace, enjoyable and exceptionally informative. It’s helped me develop my language skills, understand Dutch culture and be confident to engage in conversations outside of class. I have recommended Alingua to others as it has helped me greatly, thank you to Alingua for your support. I look forward to future learning with you.

Francesco Vannini,

29 maart 2019

I got to the Netherlands without any prior knowledge of Dutch. A few months later I was attending Alingua classes. Learning with Alingua is seriously fun (pun intended) and enabled me to fairly quickly get to grasp with a language that was very alien to me before.

Other less traditional methodologies I had previously tried weren’t as good as actually being in a class with a teacher and other students. This allowed me to be able to practice and get the right support every step of the way and has certainly been one of the most important aspects of attending these lessons.
It goes without saying that I’m highly recommending Alingua.

Claire Symons,

9 maart 2018

Arriving in the Netherlands with no knowledge of Dutch was very daunting. I was keen for my children and myself to learn some Dutch in order to be able to integrate into Dutch life a little. It was great to find that Alingua offered Dutch lessons for both children after school and parents during school hours, on school premises.

I am now in my third year of lessons with Karin. The lessons are delivered in a small, relaxed group environment. Karin is a great teacher. She makes the learning experience great fun and yet it is extremely effective. We are following a very practical course which is teaching us the language required for everyday situations. We really have learned a lot in a short space of time. My 11 year old daughter also enjoys her weekly lessons- it’s great to hear her have the confidence to have basic conversations with her peers during her extra curricular activities. Thanks again to you and your team Karin.

Patricia Surendonk,
Bergen NL

6 november 2018

Sinds enige jaren volg ik Italiaanse les (privé) bij Anna Perucci via Alingua. De lessen worden met veel enthousiasme gegeven, zijn afwisselend en behandelen vele aspecten van het Italiaans en het Italiaanse leven. Na afloop van de les vertrek ik altijd met meer energie !

Tjaak Schuring,
Bergen NL

12 maart 2018

Mijn dochtertje van bijna 9 jaar oud, Tara, volgt al meerdere jaren Engelse les bij Alingua. Ik vind dat er op de basisscholen in Bergen pas veel te laat begonnen wordt met de Engelse taal. Op deze manier komt ze toch regelmatig in aanraking met het Engels. Ze gaat met plezier naar de les en leert “spelenderwijs” echt wel behoorlijk wat.

Cynthia Córdoba,

11 maart 2018

My name is Cynthia and I’m Mexican. ALINGUA is my fourth language school (worldwide) but the best by far. When I started to learn Dutch, I was expecting only to learn a language but actually I received more than I was expecting. The teacher is not only patient and clear in the way she teaches but she’s also an amazingly nice and funny woman who gave us a real introduction to the culture and the people and was able to make us feel comfortable and brave enough to use what we learn in our daily life. I would even say that thanks to a very friendly way of teaching, ALINGUA provides you with a new “local family” which makes your integration easier and softer.

If you are looking for a place to study, this is your best option! Thanks to all the team for this lovely experience.

Barbara Bucci & famiglia,

11 maart 2018

Mi chiamo Barbara sono Italiana, io e la mia famiglia abbiamo preso lezioni di Olandese e Inglese con Karin da quando siamo in Olanda.

Karin e’ un insegnante magnifica, preparata e stimolante, impariamo divertendoci. Fare lezione con lei e’ sempre un piacere.

Patricia & Daniel de Polavieja,

11 maart 2018

Alingua is a great solution if you want to learn a new language or improve your knowledge of one you have already started working on. It´s so convenient to be able to assist the lessons during or after school hours that it works out very nicely for all the family members! We are a Spanish family and my son and I assist Dutch lessons with Alingua. The teachers are great, very kind and patient, they encourage you and give you the strength to never give up on Dutch, making it possible for each student to progress at their own pace. The groups are small and the atmosphere great, you feel welcome and always look forward to the next lesson.

Adelaida Diaz,

5 maart 2018

My name is Adelaida and I am a Spanish student studying Dutch in the elementary course in Alingua.

All I can say about Alingua are good things. The teacher is the nicest, kindest and most patient teacher I have ever had. She is extremely supportive and always available. I would like to underline that, with a very difficult language for Spanish speakers students as it is Dutch, we have been able to put in practice from the very beginning. I would advice all newcomers parents to enroll in this course, in fact, I am always encouraging all my friends to join us.

دکتر فرزاد جلیلیان

4 maart 2018

با سلام،

در ابتدا باید ذکر کنم من در این گروه آموزشی زبان هلندی را فرا گرفتم . این گروه با استفاده از کتابها و روش های بسیار مفید و سازنده آموزشی و بکارگیری معلمین بسیار حرفه ای و دلسوز اقدام به تدریس زبانهای متفاوت می نماید. قابل ذکر است که همزمان با تدریس وآشنایی با کلمات (افعال، قیدها، صفتها ، اسمها و اصطلاحات رایج) وقوانین گرامری و دستوری با ساده ترین        روشها ، تمرین مکالمه وبکارگیری دروس تدریس شده ، انجام می گردد. بعلاوه این گروه آموزشی با استفاده از پخش مکالمات رایج ، آهنگها واشعارمتناسب با سطح کلاس ، قوه شنیداری وبیان درست کلمات زبا ن جویان را تقویت می کند. درانتها باید اززحمات معلم دوره آموزشی زبان هلندی خود سرکار خانم Karin   که با خوشرویی وعلاقه بسیارفراوان به تدریس دوره آموزشی پرداختند ، تشکر نمایم. امیدوارم شما هم جهت فراگیری زبانهای خارجی به این گروه آموزشی مراجعه نمایید.

با تشکر و احترام

Maria Uihlein,


1 maart 2018

Im Konversationskurs niederländisch tauschen wir uns jede Woche über ein anderes, interessantes Thema aus. Die Stunden in der Kleingruppe sind sehr informativ und lehrreich. Karin ist eine gleichermaßen sympathische wie kompetente und kreative Lehrerin! Ich kann Alingua sehr weiterempfehlen!

Raquel Viñas,

25 februari 2018

Alingua is a high quality language academy and I am very pleased to be able to improve my Dutch knowledge thanks to Alingua.

Bianca Heiden,

24 februari 2018

Ik heb met Karin Zijlstra een aantal cursussen Nederlands gevolgd en was zeer onder de indruk van het vrolijke en gevarieerde onderwijs. Ik wil haar bedanken voor de interessante lessen.

I have attended some English courses with Andrea Williams and am still learning English. I would like to express my sincere thanks for the friendly and helpful way in which Andrea teaches. She always responds to my wishes and adapts the lessons to my needs.