Mind your language

The workshop is about how to manage your child’s exposure to foreign languages. As more and more families become global citizens, the languages they are exposed to is increasing. Children from these families are being exposed to 2 or more languages. At E.S.B. these children may well have to complete their education in a second -or even third language. This can be problematic if parents are not aware of the consequences of the language choices they make for their children.

Over the years the instructor, Mrs Nicky van Kiel, has gained insight both from lessons learned within her own family as well as through her many years of experience as a teacher of children of many nationalities! Nicky has developed a method to manage these situations and enable parents to make individual language plans for their children.

This method will be taught during a workshop in an evening session of one and a half hours and a follow-up session of an hour. At the end of this workshop you will have analysed your particular situation and developed a strategy for managing your child’s language development within the home and school environment.

Both parents are strongly encouraged to join the sessions for maximum input. The cost is € 25,- per couple plus a € 5,- registration fee. Please note that children are not permitted to come to the workshop or to the school during this time.